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Plast sprøjtestøbningsværktøj

Denne guide vil lære dig om ind og outs i en injektionsform. Det er en hurtig og nem måde at komme i gang med dette nyttige værktøj. En injektionsform er en maskine, der bruges til plastikinjektionsstøbning til at producere specifikke plastprodukter.


This guide will teach you about the ins and outs of an injection mold. It’s a quick and easy way to get started with this useful tool.An injection mold is a machine used forplastic injection moldingto produce specific plastic products.

A two-plate tool is commonly used to mold plastic components. This tool consists of two main parts, which are known as the ejector mold and the injection mold. The parts are attached to platens and are held together using a clamping unit.The two plates are attached to the platens and are held together using a clamping unit.

Plastic Injection Molding Tool Structure

The Injection Mold (A Plate)

The entrance to an injection mold is usually called the sprue bushing. This component is attached to a mold sprue and leads molten plastic to the running cavity.The sprue bushing connects the plastic to the running cavity through a series of tunnels or channels.Through the use of tunnels or channels, the plastic particles can enter a cavity billede.

The Cavity Image

The cavity image is the empty space between the injection mold and the product it is designed to shape.A single impression cavity mold has one cavity image. A multi-impression cavity mold hasmultiple cavity images.

The Ejector Mold (B Plate)

The ejector mold is the exit point that allows the plastic product to be ejected from the injection mold. The plastic product is then pushed off of the injection mold as the circular pins in the ejector mold push the plastic product away from the machine.The circular pins in the ejector mold push the plastic product away from the machine.The walls of the ejector mold are designed to prevent the product from scraping against them. If the draft angle is not aligned with the mold's walls, the plastic product may get stuck.This can cause damage to the part and the injection machine. It can also cause the product to get dislodged from the mold.


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