Højtryksstøbning af aluminium
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Højtryksstøbning af aluminium

Højtryksstøbning er en proces, der bruges til at fremstille forskellige produktformer. Denne procedure bruger undertrykket smeltet metal til at skabe lukkede stålhulrum. Die Casting Machine bruger en stationær og bevægende halvdel af matrisen. Den anden halvdel er fyldt med smeltet metal og injiceres i matrisen. Die -støbemaskinen har en klemende ende, der er designet til at holde matrisen lukket, mens det smeltede metal indsprøjtes. Denne proces kan omdanne en solid rolle til en næsten nettoform på få sekunder.

What Is High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

High-pressure die casting is a process used for making various product forms. This procedure uses pressurized molten metal to create closed steel die cavities. The die casting machine uses a stationary and moving half of the die. The other half is filled with molten metal and injected into the die. The die casting machine has a clamping end that's designed to hold the die shut while the molten metal is being injected. This process can turn a solid part into a near-net-shape in seconds.

The primary metal groups that are used in high-pressure die casting are aluminum, zinc, and magnesium.TEAM MFGcasts all three metals and employs both cold chamber and hot chamber high-pressure die casting processes.

Advantages of High-Pressure Die Casting

High-pressure die castingcan produce light-alloy parts in high volumes. It can also provide superior surface finish and optimum mechanical properties. Due to its economical nature, high-pressure die casting is commonly used as a replacement for other manufacturing processes. Compared to other manufacturing processes, high-pressure die casting is an efficient, economical process that:

● Create complex and intricate shapes in a single piece, eliminating the need for assembly or welding

● Produce strong, lightweight parts that require less machining than fabricated parts

● Achieves close tolerances

● Offer a more broad range of shapes that other metal manufacturing techniques

Value-Added Operations

Aside from producing strongdie castings, we also offer various value-added services such as coating and finishing options. To learn more about our services,contact us today. We'll help you determine the best surface finish for your project.